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Light Duty Vehicle Program


  • Combines joint purchasing power of
    Land O'Lakes, its joint venture partners, our member cooperatives, and qualified local members to the area of fleet equipment
  • Provides leverage of our total cooperative system with truck and automobile manufacturers.
  • Savings to local cooperatives and members of $2,650 - $11,500 per vehicle are common depending on model, specs and how well you buy locally.
  • Freedom to choose:
    • All Ford, General Motors or Chrysler lines
  • Purchase from our central order dealer, Saxon Fleet Services, or deal with your local dealer
    • Check out Saxon's "value added" program by calling Saxon Fleet at 1-800-456-1265.
    • Qualified local members, local cooperatives and qualified dealers may use the program.
    • Saxon quotes will be prompt and professional.
    • Saxon will pre-arrange courtesy delivery to your local dealer.
  • Land O'Lakes requires a signed confidentiality agreement prior to receiving firm pricing.
    • Failure to honor this confidentiality agreement undermines Land O'Lakes, and its joint venture partners' fleet programs and every co-op involved in this program.
    • Completing confidentiality agreement on the web at
      "" is acceptable.


  • Central Purchase Process
    • Contact Land O'Lakes at Northwest Food Products Transportation

      Phone: 715-377-4652      Toll Free: 866-377-4652

      Contact Names:
      Greg Nelson
      Linda Gardner

    • Complete online confidentiality agreement on this website.
    • Land O'Lakes' Fleet staff will provide preliminary specification information and refer you to our central order dealer.
    • Land O'Lakes' central order dealer will contact you promptly to gather information for truck selection and application.
    • Our central order dealer is:

      Saxon Fleet Services (GM, Ford, Chrysler)
      Oakdale, MN
      Toll Free: 1-800-456-1265
      Phone: 651-222-7321
      Fax: 651-222-1998
      Don Saxon, President
      Jason Bill
      Ext 1873
      Chad Jotham
      Ext 1870
      Mary Kay Carlsen
      Ext 1853
      Sean Clyma
      Ext 1869
      Kelly Larsin
      Ext 1849
      Clayton Roepke
      Ext 1808
      Shane Plasch
      Ext 1850
      Doug Larsen
      Ext 1848
      Jason Saxon
      Ext 1816
      Peter Sprafka
      Ext 1815
      Craig Strom
      Ext 1857
      Michael Ward
      Ext 1810
      Brian Stromquist
      Ext 1860
      Brain Qualle
      Ext 1809


  • Central Purchase Dealer
    • Specifications will be professionally evaluated to insure compatibility with your local application.
    • Orders will be confirmed in writing to insure specs, pricing and terms are correct. Our dealer will require a $1,000 down payment per vehicle and a signed sales order for each vehicle purchased.
    • Dealer will get required body information directly from your chosen source at your request.
    • Vehicles will be invoiced "net 15 from date of billing invoice with .0005 daily interest thereafter (18% annual)" from central order dealer. If a special need exists, exceptions should be discussed with the dealer. Pricing is based on "order out" units. Out of stock purchase prices available on request.
    • Courtesy delivery to a local auto dealer in your area is included in the purchase price unless otherwise noted on the order.
    • Licensing and sales taxes will be collected and paid by the central order dealer. Members may do their own licensing in states where the law allows it.
    • Vehicles will be titled correctly to insure compliance with program rules.
    • Vehicles purchased through this program must remain in service for six months with original owner.

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